Flowpipe CLI v0.2.0 – Database query trigger, GET & POST methods for HTTP trigger, set a timeout for steps

Jan 24, 2024cli

What's new?

  • Query trigger type to watch & event on database changes. Documentation.
  • HTTP trigger can now handle both GET and POST methods. Documentation.
  • Query steps & triggers now support Postgres, MySQL, SQLite, and Postgres.
  • Define container step using a source argument for inline image definitions.
  • Add a timeout to pipeline steps.
  • Enable or disable triggers using the enabled attribute.
  • Improved and expanded output for flowpipe server.
  • Improved and standardized output for CLI list and show commands.
  • Expanded intervals available in schedule and query triggers (e.g. 5m, 10m, etc).
  • New credential types: BitBucket, Datadog, Freshdesk, JumpCloud, ServiceNow, Turbot Guardrails.
  • Automatic check & notify for new CLI versions.

Bug fixes

  • Implemented a more descriptive error message for server startup failures.
  • Fixed Step Arguments unable to be referenced in the Pipeline definition.
  • Added missing execution_mode argument to HTTP Trigger (#533).
  • Fixed args arguments unable to be updated in the Pipeline Step loop block (#559).
  • Fixed an issue in the bootstrap process for identifying the config path.