Install Flowpipe


Install Flowpipe: macOS

Use the tabs above to install on a different OS version. These packages are built and signed by Turbot's Flowpipe development team, and you can view them here.

We recommend installing Homebrew which provides pre-built binaries for Mac.
STEP 1: Install Flowpipe
~$ brew install turbot/tap/flowpipe
STEP 2: Version check
~$ flowpipe -v
Flowpipe v0.5.0
STEP 3: Follow our getting started guide to run (or build) your first pipeline!
STEP 4: Help yourself and explore the CLI
~$ flowpipe help
Flowpipe is a distributed, fault-tolerant, and highly-available workflow engine. See for more information.
flowpipe [flags]
flowpipe [command]
Available Commands:
help Help about any command
integration Integration commands
mod Flowpipe mod management
notifier Notifier commands
pipeline Pipeline commands
process Process commands
server Run the Flowpipe server, including triggers, integrations, and the API
trigger Trigger commands
--config-path string Colon separated list of paths to search for workspace files, in order of decreasing precedence
-h, --help help for flowpipe
--host string API server host, including the port number - Example: --host http://localhost:7103
--input Enable interactive prompts (default true)
--max-concurrency-container int Maximum number of concurrent Container steps (default 25)
--max-concurrency-function int Maximum number of concurrent Function steps (default 50)
--max-concurrency-http int Maximum number of concurrent HTTP step (default 500)
--max-concurrency-query int Maximum number of concurrent Query steps (default 50)
--mod-location string Path to the workspace working directory (default "/Users/karanpopat")
--output output Output format; one of: pretty, plain, yaml, json (default pretty)
--var stringArray Specify the value of a variable
--var-file strings Specify an .fpvar file containing variable values
-v, --version version for flowpipe
--workspace string The workspace to use (default "default")
Use "flowpipe [command] --help" for more information about a command.

How do you update Flowpipe?

UPDATE STEP 1: Update Flowpipe
~$ brew upgrade turbot/tap/flowpipe

Homebrew core vs turbot/tap?

Our recommended source for latest releases is the turbot/tap repository, which is kept up to date automatically.

Want more control over the install process?

Flowpipe is also available as a binary executable (or you can build from source). To manually install Flowpipe, unzip the executable and move it to a directory included in your system's PATH. You can access the source, zipped executables and binary checksums from the releases section of the Flowpipe Github repo.