Install Flowpipe


Install Flowpipe: macOS

Use the tabs above to install on a different OS version. These packages are built and signed by Turbot's Flowpipe development team, and you can view them here.

We recommend installing Homebrew which provides pre-built binaries for Mac.
STEP 1: Install Flowpipe
~$ brew install turbot/tap/flowpipe
STEP 2: Version check
~$ flowpipe -v
Flowpipe v0.2.3
STEP 3: Install your first mod
~$ git clone
~$ cd flowpipe-samples/monitoring/http_list_pagination
http_list_pagination$ flowpipe pipeline list
mod.http_list_pagination http_list_pagination.pipeline.http_list_pagination Paginate the response from HTTP list call.
RESULT! Run your first pipeline...
~$ flowpipe pipeline run http_list_pagination
[flowpipe] Execution ID: exec_clsikvuomsjgjt3pjdg0
[http_list_pagination] Starting pipeline
[http_list_pagination.http_list_pagination[0]] Starting http: GET
[http_list_pagination.http_list_pagination[0]] Complete: 200 65ms
[http_list_pagination.http_list_pagination[1]] Starting http: GET
[http_list_pagination.http_list_pagination[1]] Complete: 200 102ms
[http_list_pagination.http_list_pagination[2]] Starting http: GET
[http_list_pagination.http_list_pagination[2]] Complete: 200 335ms
[http_list_pagination] Output berries = [
"name": "cheri",
"url": ""
"name": "chesto",
"url": ""
"name": "rowap",
"url": ""
[http_list_pagination] Complete 518ms exec_clsikvuomsjgjt3pjdg0

Whoa!? What just happened?

The turbot/flowpipe-samples repo contains dozens of useful examples including the one above that teaches you how to paginate over a rest API and return a combined result set. Checkout the rest of the samples on the Flowpipe Hub. Then, get to work!

How do you update Flowpipe?

UPDATE STEP 1: Update Flowpipe
~$ brew upgrade turbot/tap/flowpipe

Homebrew core vs turbot/tap?

Our recommended source for latest releases is the turbot/tap repository, which is kept up to date automatically.

Want more control over the install process?

Flowpipe is also available as a binary executable (or you can build from source). To manually install Flowpipe, unzip the executable and move it to a directory included in your system's PATH. You can access the source, zipped executables and binary checksums from the releases section of the Flowpipe Github repo.