Flowpipe CLI v0.5.0 - Mod `pull` strategy, `variable` list and show commands

Jun 02, 2024cli

What's new?

  • Add support for installing mods from a branch or from the local file system. (#849).

    To install from a branch:

    flowpipe mod install github.com/turbot/flowpipe-mod-aws-thrifty#main

    To reference a mod in the local file system:

    flowpipe mod install ../mods/local_mod_folder
  • Add --pull flag to mod command to control the mod update strategy. (#849). Possible update strategies are:

    • full - check branch and tags for both latest and accuracy
    • latest - update everything to latest, but only branches - not tags - are commit checked (which is the same as latest)
    • development - update branches and broken constraints to latest, leave satisfied constraints unchanged
    • minimal - only update broken constraints, do not check branches for new commits
  • Variable list and show commands. (#373)

Bug fixes

  • Pipeline references declared in subsequent files are correctly identified and processed.
  • Preserves pipeline params ordering as specified in the pipeline definition. (#408)