Flowpipe Mods

Flowpipe allows you to write "pipelines as code", defining workflows and other tasks that are performed in a sequence.

Flowpipe resources include:

A Flowpipe mod is a portable, versioned collection of Flowpipe pipelines and triggers. Flowpipe mods and mod resources are defined in HCL, and distributed as simple text files. Modules can be found on the Flowpipe Hub and may be shared with others from any public git repository.

Flowpipe mods are written in HCL. When Flowpipe runs, it will load the mod from the working directory and will read all files with the .fp extension from the directory and its subdirectories recursively.

Initializing a Mod

Creating a mod is simple. First, create a directory for your mod.

mkdir my_mod

Change to your mod directory and run flowpipe mod init to initial your mod:

cd my_mod
flowpipe mod init

The flowpipe mod init command will create a file called mod.fp that contains a mod resource for mod named local:

mod "local" {
title = "my_mod"

You can use a text editor to modify the mod definition in this file to give your mod a name, title, description, and other properties.

mod "my_mod" {
title = "My First Flowpipe Mod"
description = "Sample mod for Flowpipe documentation."

Your mod is initialized! You can add pipelines and triggers to your mod using Flowpipe HCL. You can even use resources from other mods; explore the available mods on the Flowpipe Hub!