Flowpipe HCL


localsLocals are internal, module level variables.
modThe mod block contains metadata, documentation, and dependency data for the mod.
pipelineA pipeline is a set of steps that do work.
triggerTriggers are used to execute a pipeline when an event occurs.
variableVariables are module-level objects that essentially act as parameters for a module.

Step Primitives

containerRun a Docker container.
emailSend an email.
functionRun an AWS Lambda-compatible function.
httpMake an HTTP request.
pipelineRun another Flowpipe pipeline.
queryRun a SQL query.
sleepWait for a defined time period.
transformUse HCL functions to transform data .

Trigger Types

httpCreate a webhook and initiate a pipeline when a request is made to the webhook.
queryRuns a query on schedule or at regular intervals and executes pipelines when there are changes to the result set.
scheduleRuns a pipeline on schedule or at regular intervals.