flowpipe server

Run the Flowpipe server, including triggers, integrations, and the API. Flowpipe server runs in the foreground; Press Ctrl-C to exit.


flowpipe server


--base-urlSet the base URL to use for triggers and integrations. This is the base URL that Flowpipe advertises when it interacts with external systems to allow them to call back to Flowpipe. This may include the DNS or IP address of the system on which you are running Flowpipe, or it may be a reverse proxy such as ngrok (default http://localhost:7103).
--listen stringAccept connections from local (localhost only) or network (all interfaces / IP addresses) (default network).
--port intWeb server port (default 7103).
--var string=stringSpecify the value of a variable. Multiple --var arguments may be passed.
--var-file stringSpecify a .fpvar file containing variable values.
--verboseView detailed event information, including all trigger executions.
--watchWatch mod files for changes when running flowpipe server (default true).


Start Flowpipe in server mode:

flowpipe server

Start Flowpipe in server mode and set the base URL:

flowpipe server --base-url "https://84c5df474.ngrok-free.dev"

Start Flowpipe on port 7104

flowpipe server --port 7104

Start Flowpipe on localhost only

flowpipe server --listen local

Start Flowpipe using settings from a workspace

flowpipe server --workspace my_flowpipe_server

Start Flowpipe in server mode but turn off file watching:

flowpipe server --watch=false