The jira credential can be used to access Jira resources.

credential "jira" "jira_creds" {
api_token = "ATATT3S........................."
base_url = "https://test.atlassian.net/"
username = "test@abbb.com"


api_tokenStringOptionalAPI access token
base_urlStringOptionalThe Base Url of your Jira API instance
usernameStringOptionalThe user name to access the Jira cloud instance

All arguments are optional, and a jira credential with no arguments will behave the same as the default credential.

Default Credential

The jira credential type includes an implicit, default credential (credential.jira.default) that will be configured using the environment variables JIRA_API_TOKEN (or JIRA_TOKEN), JIRA_URL, and JIRA_USER.

credential "jira" "default" {
api_token = env("JIRA_API_TOKEN")
base_url = env("JIRA_URL")
username = env("JIRA_USER")