The slack credential can be used to access Slack resources.

credential "slack" "my_slack" {
token = "xoxp-234567890"


tokenStringOptionalAn API token for slack.

All arguments are optional, and a slack credential with no arguments will behave the same as the Slack default credential.

Attributes (Read-Only)

envMapA map of the resolved credential-related environment variables (SLACK_TOKEN)

Default Credential

The Slack credential type includes an implicit, default credential (credential.slack.default) that will be configured to set the token to the SLACK_TOKEN environment variable.

credential "slack" "default" {
token = env("SLACK_TOKEN")


Static Credentials

credential "slack" "my_slack" {
token = "xoxp-234567890"

Using Slack Credentials in HTTP Step

pipeline "gcp_test" {
param "cred" {
type = string
default = "default"
step "http" "list_channels" {
url = ""
method = "get"
request_headers = {
Content-Type = "application/json; charset=utf-8"
Authorization = "Bearer ${credentials.slack[param.cred].token}"
request_body = jsonencode({
types = "public_channel"