The guardrails credential can be used to access Turbot Guardrails resources.

credential "guardrails" "my_guardrail" {
access_key = "c8e2c2ed-1ca8-429b-b369-123..."
secret_key = "a3d8385d-47f7-40c5-a90c-123..."
workspace = ""


access_keyStringOptionalAccess key
secret_keyStringOptionalSecret key
workspaceStringOptionalWorkspace URL

All arguments are optional, and a guardrails credential with no arguments will behave the same as the default credential.

Attributes (Read-Only)

envMapA map of the resolved credential-related environment variables (TURBOT_ACCESS_KEY, TURBOT_SECRET_KEY, TURBOT_WORKSPACE)

Default Credential

The guardrails credential type includes an implicit, default credential (credential.guardrails.default) that will be configured using the environment variables TURBOT_ACCESS_KEY, TURBOT_SECRET_KEY, and TURBOT_WORKSPACE.

credential "guardrails" "my_guardrail" {
access_key = env("TURBOT_ACCESS_KEY")
secret_key = env("TURBOT_SECRET_KEY")
workspace = env("TURBOT_WORKSPACE")