Sets the Flowpipe API host to connect to. By default, Flowpipe commands run in a client-only context using the mod from the current working directory or the --mod-location if specified. When FLOWPIPE_HOST is set (or --host is passed on the command line or in a workspace) Flowpipe will instead run the command against the specified server instance.

You may specify the full host and port (e.g. https://flowpipe.my-org.com:7103), or use the keyword local to connect to the local server instance (local is a shortcut for https://localhost:7103).


Run Flowpipe commands against the local Flowpipe server instead of the current directory:

export FLOWPIPE_HOST=local

Run Flowpipe commands against a remote server instead of the current directory:

export FLOWPIPE_HOST=https://flowpipe.my-org.com:7103